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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ToGo Delivers?
ToGo Delivers (Batesville ToGo, Greensburg ToGo, Our Town ToGo) is a food delivery service based out of Southeastern Indiana. We partner with local restaurants so that their food may be delivered to homes, businesses, and hotels. As a company we strive to have the fastest delivery times, lowest prices, and best customer service on the planet!

How much does delivery cost? 

ToGo's delivery charges vary based on the mileage between you and your resturant of choice. Tips are always appreciated, and there is a $10 order minimum.

Where do you deliver?

Currently we deliver up 20 miles from your restaurant of choice.

How long will it take?

Most orders take around 35-45 minutes to deliver. Times may vary during peak hours, however your order will be hot and delicious when its delivered. If you would like a time estimate for a specific order you can call us at 812.727.8800 or download our app to get live order tracking!

This is a cool business? How can I be involved?

From the homepage, follow the link marked RESTAURANT PARTNER if you are a restaurant owner or BECOME A DRIVER if you would like to become a ToGo-Getter.

Can you please add my favorite restaurant?

Sure! E-mail us at and we will get the process started.

Can I order from Multiple Restaurants?

Absolutely! Note that each restaurant will incur a separate delivery fee.

I want instant answers, how do I speak to someone?

You can message on live chat, text or call 812.727.8800, or email at

When do you guys start and stop delivering?

8AM to 9PM daily.